Your recruiters are wasting time & money

Every posted job ad receives 100s of unqualified applicants.

You have to hire extra staff to sift the resumes. Revenues rise, but you can’t scale without an efficient recruitment funnel.

What do you need? Automation which does the heavy lifting: tech which takes on the labour of sourcing & pre-screening qualified candidates.

You want to invest in the solution. You want a partner who provides 1 to 1 support, slides seamlessly into your process, & delivers candidates for cheaper: straight to your Applicant Tracking System.

That’s Applichat.

1: Is It For You?

Your problem is unique. We’ll book a 15 minute call to find out what it is.

The consultation will cover your current lead generation strategy & tech stack. We’ll confirm if we think we’re a fit for your business or not and answer all your questions.

If we can solve your problem, we’ll deliver a bespoke proposal for recruiting on Facebook & Instagram.

Book A Free 15 minute Consultation Now.

Step 2: Find The Candidates

You give us the green light on the proposal, & we’ll create your candidate delivery funnel.

We’ll create ads targetting qualified talent, & liaise with your in-house team on the creative & image.

You’ll start reaching a better-qualified audience.

Watch Our ‘Job Ad Which Talks’ In This Video

Step 3: Qualify The Candidates

We’ll use a Facebook recruitment chatbot to screen your leads. It will ask automated questions in your brand voice. The intelligent automation will discover who is qualified whilst simultaneously selling the role.

You’ll be sent the candidate’s information, including audio and written tests. Every question is bespoke to your job requirements.

Your recruiters will avoid repetitive screening.

Watch Our Recruitment Chatbot In Action.

Step 4: Deliver The Candidates

Your recruitment chatbot will capture qualified leads’ phone numbers and emails.

Their information will be posted to your CRM, ATS, or other tracking system.

Your recruiters can call the qualified candidates, or they will begin applying immediately.