10X More Of Your Future Candidates Go On Facebook Every Day Than Job Boards

Applichat is a recruitment advertising business focused on getting healthcare, blue collar, & teacher recruiters more placements via our proven 7-step advertising campaign.

We are THE premier service who deliver a 25% + increase in the number of high quality, pre-screened candidates every day for businesses that are wanting to experience continued growth despite perhaps the most competitive recruitment market in history.

1: The Demo

Your problem is unique. We’ll do a 45-minute video call to find out what it is, introduce our placement & ROI-driven program, & show what it will cost for you.

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Step 2: Sourcing The 70% Of Candidates On Facebook

How many more placements would you make by advertising to the 70%+ not currently seeking a job? We run candidate research, create Ads Worth Quitting Your Job Over, & target them to the most ROI-producing audience.

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Step 3: Referrals & Pre-Screening Automated

Follow ups to the 90% of ad clickers who don’t immediately apply.

Offers of referrals to EVERY qualified ad clicker.

Pre-screening so 100% of candidates are basically-qualified.

You’ll be sent candidate opportunities via emails & they’ll be logged on a CRM or your ATS.

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Step 4: You Make 25%+ More Placements

Advertising outside job boards has increased your applications, referrals are up 20%, & you no longer receive wildly-unqualified applicants.

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